Dosage and administration: Epidemiological studies have shown that the incidence of deaths in the smoked significantly lower due to ischemic heart disease and is and quit smoking between continue to smoke. This effect is to stop otchetliv among young people and smoking for reasons that have nothing to do with the doctor\'s advice. According to the American Heart Association, the age-standardized cases of severe forms of coronary heart disease in the US among the former smokers, people were almost the same as that among go to my kektra blog those who had never smoked, and was much lower among people who at the beginning of drink study pack and more of cigarettes a day. These results were independent of serum cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The results of these studies are proof that the setting of cigarette smoking in the prevention of coronary heart disease is important. In cases where patients seek advice not to smoke, about 25% of them were stopped tobacco smoke cigarettes and smoking again never more than a year.
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